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mason abbot snyder phillips

residence halls rule

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this is a community for the best residence hall complex at michigan state university. if you are fortunate enough to live here, please join.



7-11, abbot cafeteria, abbot hall, adam koivisto, asian house, being awesome, being connected, being connected underground, being near grand river, being symmetrical, bogue street, broken tv's, bulletin boards, cafeterias, campus cruiser, cata, community baths, degrassi, delia koo international center, dormitory road, east lansing, fifth year seniors, flat black and circular, free movies at phillips, free stuff from barista, freshmens, grand river, grand river avenue, gumball gourmet, hoarding food from tto, honors college, i hate sundance chevrolet, jonathan l. snyder, juniors, lansing mall, mario porco, mary lou heberlein, mason hall, mason-abbot snyder-phillips, melody orr, melody orr's glasses, meridian mall, michigan state, michigan state university, msu, ned's commercials suck, north campus, phillips cafeteria, phillips hall, physics road, piles of trash, pita pit, psychology research, ring, roial, sbs, seniors, snyder cafeteria r.i.p., snyder hall, sophomores, spartan cash, stevens t. mason, t. glenn phillips, t.c. abbot, the bogue street bridge, the number one bus, the number thirty-three bus, the show, the sideshow, the underground railroad, totally take out